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Wayward by Hannah Mathewson

“Welcome home...”

Wayward is a compelling and mesmerising fantasy that explores acceptance, generational conflict and changing the status quo, set in an intricate and rich world with captivating magic factions and political intrigue.

Welcome to the Witherward, and to a London that is not quite like our own...

Six opposing factions run the city, each with their own particular powers, peace is held only by fragile accords, and the magic-wielding sorcerers have problems in their own faction that threaten to tear them apart.

As granddaughter of the High Sorcerer, Cassia Sims should be a powerful magician, but she’s never been able to make her magic work properly, and is therefore denied entry to The Society of Young Gifted Sorcerers. Desperate to prove herself, she’s drawn into a plot by her brother, Ollivan, to make himself head of the society, and on the way she finds a trap he set for his enemies: a cursed doll that absorbs any magic that is thrown at it. The doll escapes, rampaging through the streets of London, and Cassia must learn to work with her magic and her brother to prevent the destruction of the city.

9781789094459 | 17 May 2022 | Paperback & eBook | 496pp | £8.99


Hannah Mathewson’s untamed creative streak led her through acting, music, drawing, and a desire to make films, before she narrowed in on writing. She studied Film and Television at the University of East Anglia, and worked in various jobs in cinemas, libraries, and archives while pursuing writing. Rich fantasy title Witherward is her first novel. She lives in Henley-on-Thames and tweets @HannahOClock.

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