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War Priest - Issue 1 Review

Writer: Richard Kemp

Art By: Richard Kemp

Publisher: Pendulum Heart

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


In the distant future a warrior priest travels through an extraordinary landscape of magic, monsters and demons to find a missing colleague and uncovers a sinister plot that shakes him to his core.

My Opinion

Magic, monsters, demons and huge swords… i’m sold. Add to that something which I always find interesting, religious stories and what you have is a solid base on which to develop a fantastic story.

Not only do we encounter magical realms but the main basis is set in a post-apocalyptic world separated by wards which are governed by war priests. The entire comic is a recipe for a superb series of comics that i’m really excited to join right at the start.

Richard Kemp is a man of many talents, not only has he developed a highly interesting and detailed premise for the ongoing story but he also is the artist for the comic. Richard does a very thorough job of building the history behind the layout of the world and begins to delve into the history of characters and surroundings. My only criticism is that the issue was just too short… I needed more, just a little more longevity in the building of the story, this in no way shape or form spoils the comic as a whole, if anything, it’s more of a positive. I just needed more!

A cliff hanging ending ensures that War Priest occupies a place in my mind. I need to know what happens next! If you pick up this issue and are a fan of anything like game of thrones or lord of the rings, i’m sure you’ll really enjoy the comic. I know I have!

Please help Richard out by backing his Kickstarter too. Here is the link:

“I’m going to kill you now old friend. I’m sorry.” - Saint Thomas

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