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The Tiger’s Tongue #1 Is coming soon from Mad Cave Studios!


Author: Olivia Stephens - Artist: Diansakhu Banton-Perry - Letterer: Joamette Gil

Under the militant rule of The Tiger’s People, empowered by their animal familiars, the Claw is on the brink of war. At the precipice of adulthood, twin princesses Kelindi and Aridani hold the future of the Claw in their hands. Kelindi would sue for peace with The River’s People, those who were subjugated “to bring order,” while Aridani has never aspired to rule. But an ancient prophecy is revealed that’ll force fate’s hand for the sisters…

Mad Cave’s upcoming series, The Tiger’s Tongue, will take readers of all ages on a spiritual journey alongside twin princesses Kelindi and Aridani as they navigate through trials set by an ancient prophecy to determine the next ruler of The Tiger’s People.

“THE TIGER’S TONGUE is a story that deals with power and the friction that can occur between the personal and political pieces in one’s life. My hope is that it reaches those who need it most: those of us who are frustrated, angry, and scared—but who still get up to fight. This is also my first time writing a story that I'm not illustrating, and I could not be happier to have the immense creative talents of Diansakhu, Bex, Odera and Joamette in bringing it to life!” - Writer, Olivia Stephens (She/Her)

“It’s been an amazing experience to work on a project like TIGER’S TONGUE. I adored being able to draw Olivia’s story and bring her characters to life. I’m as thrilled to have this story published as I was when drawing it. I hope my interpretation of Olivia’s vision achieves what we set out to do!” - Artist, Diansakhu Banton-Perry (She/Her)

The Tiger’s Tongue #1 is now available for pre-order on the Mad Cave site, in Previews April 25, 2022 (FOC on June 13th, 2022), and officially in stores July 6, 2022 - mark your calendars!

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