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The Roamers by Francesco Verso Review

Writer: Francesco Verso

Translation: Jennifer Delare

Genre: Sci-Fi

Publisher: Flame Tree Press

Publish Date: 9th May 2023

Pages: 272

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Pulldogs, a group of people at the twilight of Western civilisation, undergo an anthropological transformation caused by the dissemination of nanites (nanorobots capable of assembling molecules to create matter). This technology changes the way they eat and gives rise to a culture which, while reminiscent of an ancient nomadic society, is creative and new. Liberation from the imperative of food, combined with the ability to 3D print objects and use cloud computing, makes it possible for the Pulldogs to make a choice that seems impossible and anachronistic – a new life, but is it really an Arcadia?

My Opinion

The Roamers is a unique dystopian fantasy. A true ‘what could happen’ story of humanity's future.

This story is full of heart with a real foundation in family, both biological and ‘found’. Both Francesco Verso and, through the translation, Jennifer Delare invite you into a world of super futuristic technology, revolution liberation from that which can hold us back.

The story is really interesting and there is plenty for the reader to engross themselves in. Whether that be the future technologies, dystopia or family ties, there is something for everyone.

My favourite aspect was the thinking and presentation of the detachment from basic human needs like food and the en-mass 3D printing of anything you require. It is a really interesting take on the future of humanity and one that I can foresee being a potential future in the real world.

The Roamers mixes some of humanity's oldest ways of living (nomads) and mixes it in a future setting to capture the reader within the pages. Fans of dystopia will love this novel from Francesco Verso and Flame Tree Press.

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