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The Quelling by C. L. Lauder Book Review

Writer: C. L. Lauder

Genre: Sci-fi / Fantasy

Publisher: Indie

Publish Date: January 16th 2024

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


When you're Stained, patches of skin glisten like liquid starlight, and sooner or later, his creatures find you.When Kyjta accidentally brands herself with an alien fluid while plotting revenge, she knows her fate is sealed. As one of the Stained, her markings glisten star-bright, and the creatures sent by the Rhemans to scavenge for bodies will have no trouble finding her. One night, while sheltering during a raid, Kyjta forms an unexpected pact with a Rheman rebel to protect a young girl, Calipsie, who's fallen into her care. Days later, when Calipsie is taken, Kyjta abandons precaution to go after her. Facing impossible odds and allied by a Rheman she's not sure she can trust, Kyjta must not only rescue Calipsie, but also face the Rheman overlord who's taken a disturbing interest in her.


An impressive start to a wonderful and intriguing new series!

C. L. Lauder has created a rich and inviting world for us to join for this upcoming trilogy. This book really reminds me of the hunger games, with Kyjta being just like Katniss! I really enjoyed the uneasy alliances and the real ‘human’ emotional attachments that are on display despite being a total fantasy creation.

The idea of the stained skin which marks you for abduction is an interesting dynamic and one that, to me, is wholly unique. That’s quite a hard feat to accomplish in the fantasy/sci-fi world.

A fresh feeling new trilogy with a kick ass female lead, The Quelling trilogy is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

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