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The Medici Murders by David Hewson Review

Writer: David Hewson

Genre: Crime Thriller

Publish Date: 4th May 2023

Pages: 284

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Venice is a city full of secrets. For hundreds of years it has been the scene of scandal, intrigue and murderous rivalries. And it remains so today.

1548, Lorenzino de Medici, himself a murderer and a man few will miss, is assassinated by two hired killers.

Today, Marmaduke Godolphin, British TV historian and a man even fewer will miss, is stabbed by a stiletto blade on the exact same spot, his body dropping into the canal.

Can the story of the first murder explain the attack on Godolphin? The Carabinieri certainly think so. They recruit retired archivist Arnold Clover to unpick the mystery and to help solve the case. But the conspiracy against Godolphin runs deeper than anyone imagined.

My Opinion

An intelligent thriller set in a stunning location.

The Medici Murders is set in stunning Venice, a beautiful historical city that we discover is shrouded in mystery and frankly…violence!

David Hewson has an incredible ability to articulate the setting and environment surrounding the characters and that was certainly one of the big highlights for me. I really felt as though I was absorbed into Venice and the Venetian way of life…well that of an expat that is.

The story is mysterious and intriguing. It felt almost like a gentlemen's Indiana jones at times. That is a big compliment from me, regardless of others thoughts on the wise cracking adventurer.

Ultimately The Medici Murders is an enjoyable read with great helpings of mystery and abundant descriptions to whisk you away to Italy.

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