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The Little Sleep & No Sleep Til Wonderland By Paul Tremblay

First published in America in 2009 and 2010 before Tremblay's breakout horror novel, A Head Full of Ghosts, the novels center around Boston's foremost narcoleptic PI Mark Genevitch and offer an early glimpse at the author's thoughtful and exciting subversion of tropes to explore the very human core of his stories.

In The Little Sleep, Genevich is hired by a reality TV star, also the DA’s daughter, for a simple job – to identify a girl in a photo. Except she is the girl in the photo, and he doesn’t really remember meeting her. Then in No Sleep Til Wonderland sees Genevich dropping out, forced into group therapy by his landlord mother or face eviction. He’s working a case, finding a local suit’s lover, and getting to know his new friend, Gus. But soon Genevich is pulled into events over his head

Never previously published in the UK Titan Books is delighted to be bringing these titles to the market here for the first time; whether you are fan of Tremblay's horror writing or a crime fiction lover, the novels offer fantastic glimpse into the earlier works of one of today's most exciting writers and a wonderful twist on the genre.

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