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The Intruders by Brian Pinkerton Review

Writer: Brian Pinkerton

Publisher: Flame Tree Press

Genre: Sci-Fi

Publish Date: 25th April 2023

Pages: 285

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Intruders have arrived. Something strange is taking place in the small town of Engles, Indiana. Greg Garrett returns home from a business trip to discover his wife and children have disappeared. More people begin to vanish without a trace. The skies produce a substance that doesn’t look like natural rain. Aggressive swarms of insects attack without warning. And late at night, residents are haunted by ghosts desperate to reveal the secrets of their existence but unable to speak. Engles is undergoing a terrifying transformation that could threaten all of civilization. Who is this unseen enemy? What is their mission? Discover the terrifying secrets of The Intruders.

My Opinion

The Intruders is an out of this world, apocalyptic vision of alien invasion!

The most frightening aspect of this book is the fact that the invasion doesn't take place with advanced weaponry ending in a military vs military end of life as we know it… it is an invasion of our bodies, an abduction of consciousness, an assault on our mental health. Brian Pinkerton brings us a unique story which is brimming with weird situations not normally associated with extra-terrestrial activity.

The Intruders starts off as more of a mystery/paranormal novel which hints towards aliens…as the story continues, it transitions more towards aliens as the characters discover more pieces to the puzzle.

The characters themselves are rich and varied. Each of them bring their own quirks to the story and are different enough from each other that you will find connection with at least one of them.

All in all The Intruders is a terrific entry into the sci-fi paranormal genre that fans will love to read. A story with a surprising amount of heart and humanity at its core. This novel is definitely worth a read!

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