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The Hive by Bibiana Krall Review

Writer: Bibiana Krall

Publisher: Black Calyx Books

Publish Date: 13th May 2021

Pages: 44

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Travel to the future and discover a beautiful and mysterious haven where love and community protect the chosen from the harshness of the world outside.

Is there a sinister force moving the needle forward and will Melissa #21 escape with her life?

My Opinion

Enter a dystopian world of corporational oppression and rebellion!

Bibiana Krall is a wonderful new author that I discovered through Twitter. I asked about short stories that people knew of and along with her recommendations, Bibiana also mentioned that she had written one (The Hive) and was soon to release another (Mint) so I have to check them out. Wow, I am so glad I did!

So far I have read The Hive and I quite simply adored it. Packed full of everything you want from a fantasy story but embedded within is real world problems and potential futures if changes aren’t made.

The story centres on what seems to be a cult but is actually a corporation that is feeding off of basic human needs under the false pretence of ‘giving you a better life’… when in actual fact, you are required to give up your freedom to supply ‘The Hive’ with workers and ultimately put money and power in the pockets of the rulers… sorry I mean company bosses!

Our main character is designated Melissa #21 and throughout the story, pushes the boundaries of her control as she begins to awaken from the hive mind… I won’t go too much into detail as being a short story, I could quite easily enter into the realm of spoilers and I don’t want to do that. I want you to experience the journey alongside Bibiana, Melissa #21 and me!

A thought provoking, dystopian short story about control, corporate greed and rising up… The Hive will have you gripped from the first page and calling for more at the end. Don’t sleep on this, conform to my way of thinking and read The Hive… oops sorry… I was entering the hive mind then…I’m back…I think…

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