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The City of Dr Moreau by J.S. Barnes

A visionary new horror novel in the style of Wells' creepiest and most enduring fiction.

The City of Dr Moreau is the first book to definitively tell the story of the islanders from The Island of Dr Moreau! J.S. Barnes has revamped H.G. Wells' classic to create a modern tale that is not only deliciously dark but which is relevant for our times. Fans of contemporary horror will revel in this new eerie tale.

The island was just the beginning… In H.G. Wells’ 1896 novel The Island of Dr Moreau a shipwrecked traveller finds himself alone on an island ruled by a mad doctor and inhabited by creatures who are at once both beast and human. He escapes to civilisation only after the scientist is dead and the beast-men have taken absolute control. Yet this is not the end of the matter. The peoples of the island are not done with humanity. Now the conflict between the two has begun in earnest. The City of Dr Moreau presents a sprawling history of the islanders, and an alternative vision of our own times.

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