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The Book of Baku by Rosanna Boyle

“A dark tale with a big heart, and a masterful debut.” - Shaun Hamill, Author Of a Cosmology Of Monsters

The Book of the Baku is a haunting, dark fantasy about a monster that breaks free of its story and appears in the real world. Boyle provides a positive representation of physical disability and sensitively handles the main character’s battle with arthrogryposis, allowing the freedom for the character to confront evil on the same terms as a fully physically able person. Fans of PATRICK NESS’ A MONSTER CALLS and MAGGIE STIEFVATER’S THE DREAM THIEVES will revel in this emotionally driven tale about rebellious teenagers, hidden family secrets and overcoming the effects of grief and trauma.

Sean hasn’t been able to speak a word since he was put into care, and is sent to live with his grandad, a retired author whom he has never met before. Suddenly living an affluent life, nothing like the world of the estate he grew up in, where gangs run the streets and violence is around every corner, Sean spends his time drawing, sculpting and reading his grandad’s stories.

But his grandad has secrets of his own in his past. As he retreats to the shed, half-buried in his treasured garden, Sean finds one of his stories about ‘The Baku’, a creature that eats the fears of children.

Plagued by nightmares, with darkness spreading through the house, Sean must finally face the truth if he’s to have a chance to free himself and his grandfather from the grip of the Baku.


Rosanna Boyle studied Classical Civilisation at the University of Leeds, after which she worked in a variety of jobs – none of which had anything to do with her degree. Rosanna lives in Leeds with her husband and three sons. The Book of the Baku is her debut novel.

9781789096606 | 15 June 2021 | Paperback & eBook | 284pp | £8.99

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