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Telemachus - In Search Of Ulysses Review

Writer: Kid Tousssaint

Art By: Kenny Ruiz

Publisher: Europe Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


Ulysses, mythical hero and king of Ithaca, left years ago to fight in the Trojan War. He never came home. His son, Telemachus, an impatient and immature prince who is as clumsy as he is ambitious, decides to go looking for him. On the way, he meets the hot-headed princess Polycaste, who helps him in his perilous adventure full of vengeful gods and terrifying monsters. Will the winds be favourable to them?

My Opinion

A fun filled, comedic adventure through ancient Greece with the son of Ulysses on the search for his missing, presumed dead father. Forming a brilliant dynamic with the young princess of Pylos, Polycaste. Telemachus encounters gods, cyclops and other such beings on a trip that will take us all over Greece.

Kid Toussaint delivers one of the most enjoyable, fun filled comics I've read in recent times. The comic is full of ancient Greek lore and characters, which i find fascinating anyway so a comic with all that in it is right up my street. Toussaint has written a brilliantly scripted story with emotional ties, deception, fun, fighting and magic.

Telemachus & Polycaste as the main characters have really infectious personalities, this is testament to Kid Toussaint’s brilliant writing. You will find yourself connecting with one of these characters, if not them then maybe you’ll connect with Nobody. I’m not being rude...there is literally a cyclops in the story named Nobody, a name given to him as part of a fantastic ploy by the ever quick thinking Odysseus. The essence of the Greek mythology and history is captured with a brilliance that even Homer would be proud of. The historical source, not the Simpson character, although Telemachus does have a number of questionable moments that would be perfectly suited to a ‘Doh!’.

Kenny Ruiz is a fantastic artist whose skill should be considered a gift from the gods. Kenny’s ability to expertly express the emotions of these characters is fascinating, at no point do you look at the panels and think the characters' faces do not match what is happening in the story. My favourite aspect to Kenny’s art is his presentation of the gods, including little Zephyr. The gods are set apart from the rest of the mere mortals through a look of divinity, there is a glow about the divine characters.

Encountering all manner of trials, Telemachus is the first part of what promises to be a gripping, historical and joyous adventure of a pair of rebellious members of 2 ruling families. Kid Toussaint and Kenny Ruiz have displayed divine skill in bringing to us a true adventure comic that should be read by everyone that has ever been interested in the majesty of ancient Greek mythology.

“As soon as they start to sing we’ll be hypnotised and run aground on their beach of bones! Then they’ll eat us up!” - Nobody

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