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Stranded by Aevar Þór Benediktsson Book Review

Writer: Aevar Þór Benediktsson

Genre: Children

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Publish Date: 8th August 2023

Pages: 32

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Based on a true story, the author humorously recounts the time his grandfather got stranded with a friend on Surtsey, a brand new volcanic island in Iceland. The adventurers face epic challenges like molten lava, melted eyeglasses and scant supplies before finally getting rescued. Graphic novel-like layouts and spirited text invite readers to search for the one thing that's not actually true in this thrilling yet light-hearted tale of adventure. Endnotes include information about volcanoes, Icelandic culture and Norse mythology.


Magical, funny and intelligent.

Stranded is a fantastic story of mythology, culture and VOLCANOES! My daughters absolutely adored listening to the story, learning about volcanoes and another culture. One culture that I personally find fascinating.

Aevar’s story is rich and inviting which teaches the reader without you realising it. My daughters were able to recount the story, parts they found interesting or simply a fact they learnt. All whilst enjoying the fun contained within the pages.

As well as the impressive story there is also an abundance of cultural and geological facts in the last pages of the book. This makes this book in my eyes a staple for schools. If I could introduce this book to my children’s school, i would do so in a heartbeat.

Stranded by Aevar Þór Benediktsson is a laughter out loud, intelligent children’s book that teaches culture, humanity and finally… FIRE MOUNTAINS!!!

Thank you Literally PR for inviting me along on the tour. This book is a triumph and has pride of place on our bookshelf.

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