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Stars And Bones By Gareth L Powell

A new adventure begins...

From the multi BSFA award-winner of the critically acclaimed Embers of War trilogy comes a stunningly inventive, action-packed science-fiction epic adventure. This is the start of a brand-new series that will delight fans of Becky Chambers, Ann Leckie and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Seventy-five years from today, the human race has been cast from a dying Earth to wander the stars in a vast fleet of arks—each shaped by its inhabitants into a diverse and fascinating new environment, with its own rules and eccentricities.

When her sister disappears while responding to a mysterious alien distress call, Eryn insists on being part of the crew sent to look for her. What she discovers on Candidate-623 is both terrifying and deadly. When the threat follows her back to the fleet and people start dying, she is tasked with seeking out a legendary recluse who may just hold the key to humanity’s survival.

Star and Bones is the first book in a new space opera series.

Gareth L. Powell was born and raised in Bristol, and his early mentors included Diana Wynne Jones and Helen Dunmore. His novels have twice won the BSFA Award, and been finalists for both the Locus Award in the US and the Seiun Award in Japan. He is probably best known for his acclaimed Embers of War space opera series, which includes the novels Embers of War, Fleet of Knives, and Light of Impossible Stars. He is a popular guest and speaker at conventions and literary events, and can often be found on Twitter @garethlpowell giving free advice to aspiring authors.

9781789094282 | 1st March 2022 | Paperback & eBook | £8.99 | 352pp

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