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Soaking In Strange Hours by Erik Hofstatter Review

Writer: Erik Hofstatter

Publisher: Self Published

Publish Date: Out Now

Pages: Around 20

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


Tristan Grieves is an unwashed soul, in a city the colour of gargoyles.

Liene, a girl with eyes that drank from every ocean asks for help to find Boomerang—a boy she throws away but who always returns. Until he vanishes.

They search together, but where is she leading him?

My Opinion

Soaking In Strange Hours is a short but heavy hitting fragment of what will be an excellent underworld story of a dark and gritty city rife with all manner of seed goings on.

Erik Hofstatter introduces this intense world with immense poetic literary skill, the wordsmanship is stunning, painting a grim view of a city underbelly in the mind.

A swift, twisting journey is ahead of you in these limited pages, one that promises to have your mind racing and opinions shifting.

Incredibly deep characters run through the veins of the story ensuring a 20 something page turner that will have you begging for more of the Tristan Grieves story!

I thank Erik Hofstatter for the opportunity to read and review this punchy fragment of the Tristan Grieves adventure and I will be looking out for any continuations! I highly recommend this for all thriller and/or crime fans!

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