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Sloe by Marc Ruvolo Review

Writer: Marc Ruvolo

Publisher: Unnerving Books

Genre: Horror

Publish Date: 3rd August 2023

Pages: 99

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The voice inside Veronica Mattingly's head urges her to do violent, unspeakable things to the people she's not easy to ignore.

Returning to rural Kentucky following the suicide of her dissolute brother, she learns she’s not alone in hearing the voice. It's a voice from the past, one demanding that she act, but is Veronica up for it? Can she exhume the root of this evil and right a historical wrong. 

What follows is a descent into madness involving ghosts, sacrifice, a reclusive cult, and a decades-old secret that lies at the heart of a mountain. Sloe is a story about family: mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, and the ties that bind us all—even after death.

My Opinion

Sloe is a fast-paced horror novella packed with magic, paranormal experiences and a generous helping of intrusive thoughts.

Can you imagine if you could discover where your intrusive thoughts come from? Well in Sloe, Marc Ruvolo brings that idea to the forefront. The book opens with a horrifying thought regarding a dog and boiling water…from that moment I knew I would enjoy…I know. Dark. Ha!

Throughout the novella there are plenty more intrusive thoughts…frighteningly, some made me laugh. Note to self, explore my mental state. Marc delivers on horror scenes during the story, culminating in some grotesquely gory final scenes.

Sloe is a punchy novella with plenty of horror and gore that is well worth a read! I have some questions after reading which I’m hoping will be explored in a follow up novella!

Thank you Marc for supplying me an ARC to read and review! Sloe is out in August through Unnerving Books!

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