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Robyn Hood: Vigilante Review

Writer: Ben Meares

Art By: Babisu Kourtis

Colours: Juan Manuel Rodriguez

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


After recent events, Robyn has found herself on the other side of the law. Hunted and unwelcome both on the streets of the city she calls home and by the family of outlaws she made in the Underground, Robyn is dealing with her new status quo the only way she knows how: with a fistful of questions and a quiver full of arrows. Aimed at getting revenge on those who have turned her life upside down, she must seek out the answers to return things to the way they were—or the closest thing to it—by any means necessary.

My Opinion

As my website name suggests, I'm a huge fan of the Green Arrow of DC Comics who took his inspiration from the fabled English hero Robin Hood. So when I saw a character in Zenescope called Robyn Hood, I was immediately interested. Zenescope and their teams have done amazing work in the creation of these alternative heroes like Robyn, Belle & Van Helsing. It was always going to be Robyn Hood that resonated with me most.

This is my first time reading one of Robyn Locksley’s stories and I can safely say that I love this comic. Robyn as a character has the traits I want to see from an archer that is based on Robin Hood but with darker elements attached.

Ben Meares has done an incredible job of writing an excellent story that reminds me of the greatest stories told about a vigilante archer! As I said, this was my first read of a Robyn Locksley story so I was incredibly grateful for the ‘story so far’ element at the beginning. Robyn as a character is incredibly deep with a superb story to tell. This story tells of Robyn’s fight to clear her name against a corrupt governmental system with killer police robots at their disposal… Do you need anything else? Oh yeah, there’s freaks, giant golems, magic and a fighting peacock. There is almost literally everything you could ever want! The script and internal dialogue of Robyn is crafted beautifully and keeps the reader connected to Robyn at a personal level. You find yourself cheering Robyn on, encouraging her to triumph in her struggles but also potentially questioning the decisions she makes in her adventures.

Some incredible art throughout the comic from Babisu Kourtis compliments the story in a beautiful way. I especially enjoyed the robotic artwork, they truly looked ferocious and formidable. Robyn never looks like she has a chance, don’t worry though, she has some tricks in her quiver.

Spread over 6 issues, this comic is beautifully crafted with brilliant fight scenes, emotional attachments, quick fire jokes, betrayal and … a fighting peacock. Robyn Hood: Vigilante, is an impressive story of someone trying to prove their innocence whilst avoiding a corrupt government and a robot powered police force with a taste for blood.

“Crap, crap, crap!” - Robyn

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