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Robyn Hood - Hellfire Review

Writer: Joe Brusha

Art: Allan Otero

Colours: Juan Manuel Rodriguez

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Editor: David Wohl

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


Everyone’s favorite archer is squarely in the hot seat in this oversized 32-page issue. On her way back from vacation Robyn finds herself in layover hell…literally. The Hellfire Club is looking for someone with the power to raise a demon king and Robyn just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

My Opinion

Zenescope created a legendary character in Robyn Hood and Hellfire takes aim right at Robyn’s heart!

In this issue we get to see a more sensitive side to Robyn as she awaits a plane ride back home to New York. As we all know, airports get boring really, really quickly. Luckily for Robyn, a bull…yes bull, as in big horns, angry, hates red… breaks through the fencing and heads straight for a plane that’s travelling down the runway. Robyn leaps into action and heads for the bull herself, only to be interrupted by a cowboy! A bit of a result for Robyn as she now has some entertainment and a place to stay as a result of the encounter.

We get to see Robyn settle a little bit into life on the ranch and it’s honestly a really refreshing side to her. It adds more depth of character to her and helps us build/increase our bond with her. Needless to say, the serenity and calm does not last and in true Robyn Hood style, she finds herself in a fight for her life!

There are some awesome bow wielding scenes in this comic which is rammed full of action! Artistically this is everything we expect to see from a Zenescope product, bright panels full of exceptional detail and superb character designs. Rather sadistically, I really quite enjoyed the fantastic detail used during the death scenes of characters, they hit hard and were incredibly gory. It was great.

Robyn Hood Hellfire is a superb addition to the storytelling hero and I definitely cannot wait to continue this story line. Packed full of fiery fury, incredible kills and masses of attitude, Hellfire is classic Robyn Hood and classic Zenescope.

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