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Quantum Rule Review

Writer: Jay Sandlin

Publisher: Eerie River Publishing

Publish Date: Out Now!

Pages: 78

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


Under Quantum Rule, you fight for your life whether you like it or not.

Brooklyn has a new contender in Bruce Dempsey, but he isn't sure if he can handle the pressure. After a short excursion with his girlfriend, he's reminded that sometimes it doesn't matter what you desire.

Quantum Rule is part of an eight part mini series called ‘After’ which is based on what happens after a worldwide cataclysmic event leaves the human population almost extinct?

My Opinion

Quantum rule is a constant bombardment of apocalyptic action, dystopian destruction and brutal betrayal! After the world ending event called the scorch, the human race is pushed into hiding, governed by rich overlords called the Q lords who control the indestructible metal called Quantum. The Q lords decide which groups of survivors receive much needed supplies through a system called the Quantum Games. Bruce is Brooklyn’s contender in possession of Quantum Claws that make him fight almost like Wolverine of Predator! Before the Quantum Games though, Bruce has other problems to deal with!

Jay Sandlin is an incredible writer, both of comics and now novellas. My first read of his work without art alongside was a joyous one. I was absorbed straight into the story and formed instantaneous attachments to both the characters and the world they live within. Jay’s ability to world build in a few short pages and develop characters throughout a short story is very impressive. There is always a worry when starting a novella/short story that the author may not be able to sufficiently develop the story without running out of pages. Jay did not have a problem here, brilliantly articulate and descriptive writing ensure a very in depth world is built and an interesting cast of characters is formed. There was also ample information provided to ensure that the reader was wanting more after reading the final page.

My absolute favourite part of the impeccable 76 pages was the revelations that occur during the rescue attempt in the underground caverns belonging to the Molox. I can’t really go into it because then this review would be absolutely spoiler ridden, trust me when i say that it is story defining and fantastically written. My only criticism of the story is that I wanted more, I didn’t want the end to come. I was so engrossed in the epic storytelling and this fantastical world that was built in my head. One little extra bit I loved was the chapter headings, just look at them, you’ll be with me!

Watch out for sharp story redirections and intense fighting scenes in what is an apocalyptic story for the ages. I can’t wait to see what happens to Bruce Dempsey, X and Rebecca in the future and I really hope we don’t have to wait that long before being able to re-enter the world of post scorch earth!

“Come on you dickless punks. Let’s see how you do against a contender.” - Bruce Dempsey

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