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Over The Ropes is Back In: Over The Ropes: Broken Kayfabe From Mad Cave Studios!

Writer: Jay Sandlin

Art: Antonio Cosentino

Colours: Francesco Segala

Letters: Justin Birch

Welcome to volume two of Over the Ropes, the 1990’s pro-wrestling series. SFW’s hit TV show, Explode, takes the wrestling world by storm with champion, Phoenix, scoring big ratings while his girlfriend, Courtney, learns the ropes as new wrestler, Scorch. The gloves come off when a rival promotion led by Jason’s estranged father, Buddy Peacock, invades Explode. When Courtney’s injured, Jason must choose between family and fame in a bout with permanent stipulations. When the final bell rings, it’ll be Phoenix vs. Peacock-- father vs. son, in a main event crowning a unified champion. Will Phoenix rise again or lose it all in a puff of smoke?

Over The Ropes: Broken Kayfabe #1 will be available on the Mad Cave site and wherever else you read your digital comics on June 29, 2022. The printed #1s will be exclusively on the Mad Cave site.

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