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Nottingham Issue 1 Review

Writer: David Hazan

Art By: Shane Connery Volk

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


In this twisted medieval noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham hunts a serial killer with a penchant for tax collectors. The Sheriff’s investigation makes him the target of England’s most nefarious power-brokers. That’s to say nothing of the Merry Men, terrorists lurking amongst the trees of Sherwood, led by an enigma known only as “Hood.”

Mad Cave Studios presents: Nottingham, but not as you remember it…

My Opinion

Enter into a new chapter of the Robin Hood mythology. A dark, brutal, gory, fascinating chapter. This is Robin Hood but not as you know him. This is a steal from the rich... slaughter them… then give to the poor story.

A dark twisted version of the story we all know and love that pulls no punches and attacks your eyes with venomous imagery. A really unique art style from Shane Connery Volk adds a gorey beauty to an incredibly crafted story of money, power, theft and death.

Issue 1 begins us on a journey that will continue to envelop us in intrigue and bloodlust. Setting the scene of what is to come with brilliant scene setting, uniquely crafted visuals and beautifully written nods to the traditional mythos, David and Shane will have you on the Mad Cave Studios website frantically preordering the upcoming issues.

As a lover of Robin Hood and any references to him, I will certainly be enjoying this run right beside you.

“Come Alan. Let’s go catch us a fucking ginger” - Sheriff Blackthorne

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