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Mischievous Magical Mayhem ​​​​​​​Coming to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This March, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players will have a host of mischievous in-game events and new Foundables to contend with. Restore balance to the wizarding world by putting a stop to the Calamity’s latest array of hijinks, antics and shenanigans during these newly announced March events.   New in-game events for this month include:

  • Circus Calamitous Brilliant Event Part 1: March 10 - March 17

Return Brilliant Circus Arcanus Foundables from the 1920s that are on the loose, including the Zouwu and Graphorn.

  • March Community Day: March 21

Find the hidden Room of Requirement and assist Fred and George Weasley, as well as other members of Dumbledore’s Army.

  • Circus Calamitous Brilliant Event Part 2: March 24 - March 31

Continue to help the return of lost Brilliant Circus Arcanus Foundables from the 1920s including Nagini and the Kappa.

  • Magical Mischief Event: March 31 - April 2

Grab your Marauder’s Map and make some magical mischief of your own with the young Marauders themselves: James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. To stay up to date on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, upcoming event details, please visit and follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is co-published and co-developed by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic, Inc., under the Portkey Games label.

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