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MINT by Bibiana Krall Review

Writer: Bibiana Krall

Publisher: Black Calyx Books

Publish Date: 3rd May 2022

Pages: 53

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐


It's the year 2099 and Cerise is alone and running a data facility nicknamed "The Farm." Left to her own devices, she explores a virtual world and when someone miscalculates the dosage for a commonly used hallucinogen, she is trapped in a nightmare.

Can she ever find her way home again?

My Opinion

A techno future straight from your nightmares!

Bibiana Krall is back with another entry into the ‘Aether’ series! You may remember my review of ‘The Hive’ (Link below), which was a cult styled, corporate control short story about the future. MINT is a look into the future based around the ideas of virtual reality!

The whole idea is utterly terrifying… The isolation… loneliness… that lack of physical contact with people…Bibiana really sets an amazing scene in such a small amount of time, pulling you into the story and fully investing your time into it! Bibiana always uses a strong female lead character which is refreshing in a world where there seems to be more dominant male characters as the lead! There's definitely room for both! Cerise is a character of depth with incredibly well written dialogue and story.

We also need to give a special shout out to the covers from the Aether series! How incredible have these been so far! Bright, interesting and captivating!

MINT is another superb entry into the Aether series that shows us another apocalyptic vision of the future and Bibiana is eloquent in her presentation of the story with a unique ability to be equally excellent in her range of writing whether that be emotional scenes, action scenes to story twists. Bibiana also engages with her fans which is beautiful to see also, which makes you enjoy her writing even more! As with ‘The Hive’ fans of dystopia, strong female leads and/or intense short stories should most definitely check this out.

Thank you to Bibiana for the physical copies of ‘MINT’ and The Hive’ too…they were very thoughtful gifts.

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