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Lakesedge by Lyndall Clipstone

Next month Titan Books will be publishing the debut novel from Lyndall Clipstone, Lakesedge, an atmospheric YA gothic fantasy set on the banks of a cursed lake and perfect for fans of Naomi Novik:

Violeta Graceling has spent her life trying to protect herself and her brother Arien from their adoptive mother’s twisted cruelty; a cruelty driven by the mysterious shadows that spill from Arien’s unwitting hands, and speak of dark magic. To escape, they take a position at the estate of Rowan Sylvanan—the so-called “Monster of Lakesedge”—who comes seeking Arien’s power. Rowan, it is whispered, stalks the halls of his manor and the shores of the blackened, cursed lake.

With shades of Labyrinth and Crimson Peak, Lakesedge is a romantic story of deeply kept secrets and monsters who are more than they seem, perfect for the Autumn season.

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