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Isolation - The Horror Anthology Edited by Dan Coxon Out 13th September!

20 chilling stories about the terrifying fears of isolation, from modern masters of horror.

Isolation is perfect for fans of horror short fiction, such as Ellen Datlow anthologies and collections from authors such as Stephen King and Joe Hill. Each of these spine-chilling tales explore topical themes that provide the perfect escape yet ground the reader with the kind of horror that exists in our own world..

Lost in the wilderness, or alone in the dark, isolation remains one of our deepest held fears. This horror anthology from Shirley

Jackson and British Fantasy Award finalist Dan Caron calls on leading horror milers to confront the dark moments, the challenges that we must lace alone: survors in a world gone swenl; the outcast shunned by society; the quiet voice trapped in the crowd, the lonely and forgotten, screaming into the abyss.

Experience the chilling terrors of Isolation.

Featuring stories by:

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