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I Have Asked to be Where No Storms Come by Gwendolyn Nix Out Soon!

The facts of Domino Bluepoint's afterlife are simple: he's a half-breed witch from a people without a name, and no one wants to be stuck in Hell with witch blood. When a demon bounty-hunter comes calling, Domino pairs up with his mother, who died too young and carries the witch lineage in her veins, to survive. Soon the two of them are Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid running from whatever torture awaits them and whoever wants to harvest their magic. Yet, Domino doesn't know that his brother, Wicasah, is behind this and is desperate to resurrect Domino out of long-lasting guilt and a sensation of belonging to no place and no one.

As Wicasah dives deeper into darker magic that ends in an ill-made deal, Domino must overcome addiction, depression, and hone his own brand of witch-magic to help save his brother—and the world—from an ancient god of lighting and thunder.

Author bio: Gwendolyn N. Nix has had a variety of weird jobs (as every author should) from casting producer, to shark researcher, to evolutionary biologist, and is currently an Entertainment Editor with Aconyte Books. Her novels include the Celestial Scripts series (The Falling Dawn and Seams of Shadow), Sharks of the Wasteland, and the soon-to-be-released I Have Asked to Be Where No Storms Come. Her short fiction has appeared in a variety of anthologies, such as Pileaus Symphony No. 1, Where the Veil Is Thin, and Apex: Worlds of Dinosaurs. She lives in Missoula, MT. Find her online at, on Twitter at @gwendolynnix or Instagram at @gwendolyn.nix.

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