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Grimm Tales of Terror: Game Night Review

Writer: Kevin Townsley

Art: Rodrigo Xavier, Marcelo Salaza & Vicente Cifuentes

Colours: Grostieta, Vinicius Andrade & Maxflan Araujo

Letters: Kurt Hathaway

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


It’s all fun and games until an evil spirit or demonic entity decides they want to play too! Games have been around since the beginning of mankind. We have always been drawn to them, and they have become almost ritualistic, sitting around with family and loved ones following the rules, laughing, enjoying, and declaring a victor. But when long-time friends get together for a night of presumed fun and games, they will find out that not every game has a winner.

My Opinion

A killer game show/reality TV is exactly what I think when I read this comic. As with all Grimm Tales of Terrors we are treated to a wide array of terrifying panels that will get the heart racing and have you checking every cupboard, leaving lights on and checking back over your shoulder.

The comic plays out like a piece of reality tv or a game show. It’s a really interesting format that I enjoyed immensely. You also get a bit of good old fashion revenge which always sets the mood for a good horror story.

Excellent writing ensures engagement with each character and brilliant development to both the characters and story. I enjoyed learning the backstories of the characters and trying to work out why they were invited to play the game. The writing ensures that, in this comic, each character has their own time to shine, their own sub plot and ultimately their own untimely demise!

The team of artists have worked wonders on this comic not only allowing a beautiful flow between the panels but never making it apparent when the art has swapped, the same applies to the colourists. The art remains enticing and colourful throughout and each ‘evil’ entity is designed beautifully. Although I feel I have to mention the grotesqueness of the thing in the taxi! Bleurgh! Made me feel ill!

All in all, I really enjoyed this comic, as I normally do with Grimm Tales of Terror. My favourite aspect was the game show type design with the panels split by the game rules, I thought it was a great addition to have the full game cards made available to the reader, it added depth to the story and immersed me more into the comic than by just reading the panels alone.

“Can’t trust a man that wears a bow tie” - Chip Miller

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