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Grimm Spotlight - Hellchild Review

Writer: Pat Shand

Art: Sergio Arino

Colours: Robby Bevard

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹



Half-Goddess, half-vampire, Angelica Blackstone is one of the darkest and most powerful women in the Grimm Universe. In this action-packed one-shot, the horrific heroine finds herself caught between two warring forces attempting to weaponize her power. This conflict will bring her face-to-face with another Demigod who somehow has even greater power than hers. Unflinching horror and bone-crushing action combine in this unforgettable battle!

My Opinion

BOOM! This is how you enter a pull list.

Angelica Blackstone is the most kick ass character to appear on my radar in a while!! Honestly, Zenescope Entertainment has some very powerful characters and Angelica may just give all of them a run for their money…villains too!

Hellchild is my first read of an Angelica Blackstone story and I am so very impressed. What a character. Half vampire and half goddess…who could possibly be more powerful. Armed with vampiric abilities, limited weaknesses and a wickedly devastating blade, Hellchild is a real handful in a fight and this comic shows that in abundance. The story is wrought with monsters and slaughter…right up my street and that of others too i’m sure. The comic isn’t just about the slaughter though, there is a story of gangsters and magical abilities coupled with an internal good vs evil struggle within Angelica herself. These married together ensure and engrossing read that doesn’t fail to disappoint on any level for me.

Artistically this comic is stunning. Incredibly drawn panels filled with incredible detail and interesting scenery compliments the story and it’s associated mega gore! The colours just add to this and as I’m sure you are aware, this comic is so very bloody! At points I felt as though the blood may splash off the page and into my eyes!

Hellchild is a fantastic entry point for new readers and I’m sure, massively enjoyable for returning fans of Angelica Blackstone. If you are a vampire enthusiast or even just a Zenescope fanatic, make sure you check out Hellchild and experience the thrills of this killer powerhouse of a character.

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