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Green Arrow Rebirth Vol 1: The Life and Death of Oliver Queen

Writers: Benjamin Percy

Art By: Otto Schmidt & Juan Ferreyra

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


By day he’s Oliver Queen, playboy socialite, CEO of Queen Industries and philanthropic do-gooder. But at night he patrols the streets of Seattle, where he champions the oppressed as a true social justice warrior. He is Green Arrow.

But how can you fight the man when you are the man? That’s the question left with Oliver after an electric, love-at-first-sight encounter with Black Canary, the superhero rock star who challenges everything he thought he knew about protecting the innocent. As if that weren’t enough, a sinister organisation with ties to his nearest and dearest prepare to tear down Oliver’s financial empire, destroy his family’s legacy and end his life.

My Opinion

It really has taken me some time to start reading the Rebirth run of Green Arrow. This was a massive mistake because I had been missing out on a superb read. The team of Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt & Juan Ferreyra combine to form a massively polished, gripping story of the Green Arrow and his struggles. Vol 1 targets Oliver’s fall from grace after having his character assassinated and his fortune stolen. I personally saw this story take the route that I wanted the TV show to take. The team of Green Arrow, Black Canary, Emiko and Diggle is the best team, apart from if you add Arsenal.

I’ve been a great admirer of both Otto and Juan’s art for a while now and I love their combination in the story. The covers, colouring and designs are exquisite, for me personally, I think these are some of the best character designs in the DC universe.

A personal highlight of the story for me is the meeting of Green Arrow and Black Canary. The start of the greatest love story in the DC universe (in my opinion) but also the start of a journey that will be filled of heartbreak for sure. The panels shared by the two heroes are beautifully written and the art is perfect. Testament to Benjamin's writing, I am engulfed in the relationship between Ollie and Dinah. I look forward to watching the relationship grow throughout Rebirth as well as enduring all the hard times with them.

This is just the start of the Green Arrow Rebirth journey, and my word, it has started with a bang! Benjamin, Otto & Juan have me hooked and i’m excited beyond belief for the next instalment: Island of Scars.

“If I hit this trigger, Oliver Queen will die. No money. No company. There will be nothing left...Except Green Arrow!” - Green Arrow

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