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George Perez's Early Rare Red Sonja Artwork Offered as 1-of-1 NFT Collectible in Auction!

Fans and collectors get a rare chance to own a piece of comic book history, as Dynamite and Terra Virtua are offering up a super-rare illustration of Red Sonja by renowned artist George Perez, but it is only available as a single 1-of-1 NFT edition, and available as an auction for the next 72 hours.

For an amazing 45 years, readers were blessed with the stunning artwork of Perez. The beginnings of his legendary career included important contributions to characters like Deathlok, Man-Wolf, and the historic White Tiger at Marvel, before moving onto juggernaut tenures on Avengers, Fantastic Four, and the Justice League of America. His popularity and acclaim exploded alongside an industry-shaking collaboration on New Teen Titans, where he co-created a bounty of new characters and classic storylines. Alongside the same collaborator, writer Marv Wolfman, he then shook the multiverse of DC Comics to its core with the Crisis on Infinite Earths, before revamping Wonder Woman for the modern era, and embarking on many more beloved projects. This breathtaking portrayal of Red Sonja is dated 1980. That lines up with his earliest work on New Teen Titans at the genesis of his peak in the industry. This early work is emblematic of his fan-favorite trademark style, with Sonja's flowing red hair reminiscent of Starfire and other heroines for which George is known. And as a bonus, colorist Steve Oliff, who contributed those striking colors, also signed the piece. Oliff is the acclaimed and award-winning artist renowned for his revolutionary take on comics coloring, and involvement in ambitious projects like Akira. The auction for this ultra-rare collectible can be found here:

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