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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

Developers: Koei Tecmo

Systems: Nintendo Switch

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 🏹


War is coming to the continent of Fódlan. Here, order is maintained by the Church of Seiros, which hosts the prestigious Officer’s Academy within its headquarters.

You are invited to teach one of its three mighty houses, each comprised of students brimming with personality and represented by a royal from one of three territories.

As their professor, you must lead your students in their academic lives and in turn-based, tactical RPG battles wrought with strategic, new twists to overcome. Which house, and which path, will you choose?

My Opinion:

This is by far one of the best games I have ever played. I was skeptical at first as I had never played a Fire Emblem game before. It was a franchise I had quite literally no knowledge about. I took a punt on this game after some highly positive recommendations from other gamers and I’m so glad I took the chance.

Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the most replayable games I have ever come across. Just when you think you’re approaching the end of the story and start thinking about searching for DLCs… A whole second act of the main story begins. I was honestly left in disbelief. The excitement built and I steamrollered through the second act! Then something dawned on me… I had finished the story, but I had only finished the story of one house! I had 2 more houses’ storylines to play through, that is … yet to take place, im saving those for a time when I can devote my gaming time to it.

Visually this game is breathtaking, from the cut scene movies to the in game graphics, every part is executed with sublime eye for detail. The cutscenes are movie quality, I would quite often find myself getting lost in them and suddenly being thrown back to reality by all of a sudden needing to tactically deploy my forces. The gameplay visuals are just as stunning with an obvious change in animation style. This most certainly has received as much, if not more attention, I struggled to notice any glitches and I never got tired of looking at the game.

The audio is the only area that isn’t spot on for me really, and this isn’t a major issue as the audio has a lot of plus factors too. The character to character communication for example, the voiceovers are fantastically delivered and it was always a between battle feature that I looked forward to. The area that needed a touch more attention for me was the soundtrack, It just didn’t stack up to the quality of other games and didn’t stand out and highlight itself as a feature. It wasn’t bad though, just a bit more polishing needed in my opinion.

The gameplay is superb, there is so much to do and honestly, even though some of the tasks can be repetitive, I didn’t mind because of the abundence of said tasks, from the teacher phase, interacting with your students and training them to peak performance to the battles which needed a sound tactical mind to get through. Each battle had the same principle goal … win. But the AI was intuitive enough to keep you guessing and keep you having to make strategic changes to the way you progress. I never got bord of a battle even though sometimes I was left frustrated by my sometimes tactical ineptitude resulting in me trying the same plan and failing again and again.

Overall all, as I said previously, this game is one of my favourite games of all time and one of the best value for money purchases I have ever made. I urge any tactical turn based strategy fans and any RPG fans to jump on the Fire Emblem train and never leave. A joyous venture through a twisting story of betrayal and conquest!

Rating Breakdown:

Visuals: 5

Audio: 4

Story: 5

Gameplay: 5

Controls: 5

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