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Final Kombat 2020 Winner Announced


Last night (8th March), Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, NetherRealm Studios and Intersport hosted Final Kombat 2020, the championship finale of the Mortal Kombat™ 11 Pro Kompetition, in Chicago at the historic Park West theater. Bringing together the top 16 Mortal Kombat™ 11 players from around the world, the tournament culminated with the back-to-back world champion, SonicFox, from the U.S. (playing as ‘The Joker’) defeating CGL NinjaKilla_212, also from the U.S., in an intense performance during the Grand Finals match to take home the Final Kombat 2020 trophy and the $40,000 first place prize. The full video of the Mortal Kombat™ 11 Final Kombat 2020 event livestream can be viewed on the NetherRealm Twitch Channel.

  • Mortal Kombat 11 Official Spawn Gameplay Trailer was debuted for the first time, following an introduction by Keith David (voice of Spawn in Mortal Kombat™ 11) and Ed Boon (Creative Director, NetherRealm Studios and Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat).

  • Spawn will join the Mortal Kombat™ 11 roster via the Kombat Pack on 17th March (early access), followed by 24th March (wide availability).

  • Kombat Pack owners will also have access to the new Spawn-inspired “Hellspawn” Jacqui Briggs character skin on 17th March, alongside the new Matinee Skin Pack featuring “Osh Tekk Vandal” Kotal Kahn, “Swashbuckler” Erron Black and “Space Marine” Jacqui Briggs.

  • McFarlane Toys Spawn Mortal Kombat action figure was displayed for the first time, emulating his iconic look from Mortal Kombat™ 11.

  • New Red Band Trailer for the “Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge” animated film was revealed.

  • New exclusive clip was revealed for Season 2 of the DC Universe “Harley Quinn” animated series.

Full results for Final Kombat 2020:

  • SonicFox, U.S. (1st place)

  • CGL NinjaKilla_212, U.S. (2nd place)

  • bc Dragon, U.S. (3rd place)

  • UYU Deoxys, U.S. (4th place)

  • UYU Rewind, U.S. (tied for 5th place)

  • Noble Kombat, U.S. (tied for 5th place)

  • CGL Tweedy, U.S. (tied for 7th place)

  • PXP A F0xy Grampa, U.K. (tied for 7th place)

  • END Scar, U.S. (tied for 9th place)

  • PG Hayatei, Canada (tied for 9th place)

  • AF DizzyTT, U.K. (tied for 9th place)

  • NASR Tekken Master, Bahrain (tied for 9th place)

  • EFP Konqueror249, Brazil (tied for 13th place)

  • D2Stabs, Canada (tied for 13th place)

  • LOK Nivek, Greece (tied for 13th place)

  • Noble Semij, U.S. (tied for 13th place)

The Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack is the best way to upgrade the Mortal Kombat™ 11 game experience with new downloadable content (DLC), featuring six characters, numerous skin and gear sets and one-week early access for all content. The final playable character coming to Mortal Kombat™ 11 via the Kombat Pack is Spawn (17th March early access), alongside The Joker, Terminator T-800, Sindel, Nightwolf and Shang Tsung (all available now). Players can purchase the Kombat Pack as part of the Mortal Kombat™ 11 Premium Edition for £79.99 (RRP) or individually for £32.99 (RRP). All DLC characters and bonus character skins will be available for individual purchase after the one-week early access period. To learn more about Mortal Kombat™ 11, please visit, or join the community conversation on Twitter (@MortalKombat), Facebook (MortalKombat), Instagram (@MortalKombat), Twitch (NetherRealm), YouTube (Mortal Kombat), Mixer (NetherRealm), Discord (MortalKombat) and Reddit (MortalKombat).

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