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Evergate Review

Developers: Stone Lantern Games LLC

Systems: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 🏹


Wield your Soulflame, unleash extraordinary powers, and dive into the touching story of two kindred spirits. Guide the child-like soul Ki on a journey through the beautiful and haunting Afterlife in this unique 2D puzzle platformer.

Slow down time, take aim, and unleash the mysterious power hidden within every crystal you encounter with the unique Soulflame mechanic. Hit multiple crystals at once and experiment with how their energies combine.

Move across time and space to uncover Ki's mysterious connection to another soul.

Rise to the challenge and collect essence by completing challenges on every level. Use them to unlock ancient artifacts and boost Ki’s abilities.

Gorgeous environmental backdrops paired with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations bring Ki and Evergate’s environments to life.

Enjoy an elegantly orchestrated original soundtrack, recorded by a live orchestra, and tailor-made for each environment.

My Opinion:

This game is utterly beautiful. It’s that simple, the graphics are so perfectly created. Little Ki is so adorably cute that I want him. I want him to come and live with me. We will be best friends. Forever. Anyway back to the game. The colours and flow of the game pops and the seamless transitions between levels are great.

Audibly the composer has really achieved something special. It is eerily adorable that creates the perfect relaxing environment to enjoy what is a beautifully enjoyable game.

I’m only part way through the story at the moment but i’m really enjoying it. It’s not the greatest story ever told and is a tad predictable in places but that doesn’t take away from what is a well thought out and engrossing play through.

I would really suggest you take a look at this game, it’s been really fun playing through this atmospheric puzzler. A superb platformer that is definitely a great investment as you’ll get plenty for your money.

Rating Breakdown:

Visuals: 5

Audio: 4

Story: 3

Gameplay: 3

Controls: 3

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