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Event Leviathan Review

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis

Art By: Alex Maleev

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


With startling ease, a dangerous and aggressive secret organization called Leviathan has systematically wiped out all its competition. Now Leviathan is turning its sights to molding the world into its own radical vision of order. Can this new threat be stopped? Join Lois Lane as she leads Batman, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Manhunter, and the Question-along with a couple of surprise sleuths-in search of the man who sits behind the cloak of Leviathan. But will whoever finds him first capture him...or join him? Collects Event Leviathan #1-6 and Superman: Leviathan Rising #1.

My Opinion

I was originally interested in Event Leviathan because of well… you guessed it, Green Arrow is in it! BUT… This isn’t a Green Arrow story. This isn’t a Batman story. It is a story of total and utter confusion and disarray. None of the characters have the foggiest about what’s going on, and yes. That includes Batman.

There’s only one person that totally understands what is going on and that is the elusive and mysterious Leviathan. I never saw a spoiler about Leviathan’s identity which made reading this that much more enjoyable. I was right there with the heroes, guessing at who was behind the mask. Honestly, initially I had a thought on who it might be, boy was I wrong. I was so far out that I could’ve guessed Deadpool and I would have been way closer.

Brian Michael Bendis is a superb writer and he continues to prove his credentials in Event Leviathan. Delivering a mysterious whodunit type comic is no easy feat considering the depth of knowledge that a lot of people have in the comic book world. This is the first time i’ve read anything written by Brian but after reading Event Leviathan I will be searching for more to read!

Alex Maleev is a superb comic book artist, his work to me seems to be influenced in some way by Alex Ross. There’s a kind of realism to his work and it is beautiful to behold. I am also very impressed with the shroud of mystery Alex was able to coat over the entire novel with his art. His art and Brian’s writing blend seemlessly. A true treat on the eyes and mind.

Event Leviathan is a comic book version of a classic whodunit movie that’ll keep you on your toes, examining evidence and pausing in confusion as yet another one of your guesses about Leviathan’s identity is proven wrong! Don’t expect an action packed, power soaked battering of characters in huge fight scenes. This collection is all about the mystery. Think the mystery murder on the Orient Express mixed with the diabolical schemes of the ‘big bads’ of James Bond.

“We are Leviathan and tomorrow with your help … We won’t have to imagine a better world…” - Leviathan

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