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Djinn Hunter - Issue 3 Review

Writer: Jay Sandlin

Art: Fabrizio Cosentino

Colours: Fabrizio Cosentino

Letters: Fabrizio Cosentino

Editor: Cynna Ael

Publisher: Black Box Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


What happens when Zara and Bennu crash a wedding? A groom’s wish to save his bride’s life transforms a village of peaceful mortals into walking undead legions. Finding and trapping the rogue Djinn is only the beginning, as Abyss arrives for the reception.

My Opinion

SPOILERS AHEAD!! (Sorry but it’s hard to talk about this issue without at least minor ones).

My favourite issue yet! I mean, they have all been fantastic but this one provided so much more to the experience than the first two. By no means am I saying that the previous issues were inferior in any way. It’s just the added emotional factors in this issue.

Jay Sandlin and the rest of the creative team cordially invite us to the wedding of a lifetime! The only problem is the rest of the guests will be after our brains! That’s right, in this issue we get to attend a zombie wedding! The groom made a wish after his wife died… and now the whole town has risen from the dead and havoc is being wrought! It’s up to Zara and Bennu to stop the evil Djinn in its tracks and further track Abyss!

My favourite aspect of this story was the heart and emotion shown by Zara towards the Stooge! It is a side of Zara that has been implied but we’ve not seen it first hand. When Bennu makes the ultimate sacrifice whilst attempting to stop the wish's magic in its tracks, a new side of Zara is seen. A ferocious, vengeful side. She unleashes a devastating attack then sends the Djinn packing. She weeps for the lost Bennu and Jay writes Zara as being so incredibly emotional and vulnerable that it adds a depth to her that I didn’t see coming, not until her reuniting with Samira. Bennu is a phoenix after all and is reborn immediately after his death and Zara’s relief is palpable! Spending all her time with Bennu clearly has had an effect on Zara the Maghound and she isn’t made of stone like she was potentially perceived before!

The battle panels in this comic are beautifully designed. From the grotesque zombies to the stunning fiery attacks unleashed by Zara after the death of Bennu. The zombies even have their own individuality which was great to see, I was really worried that there would be a stock design for them all. The colours are so vibrant and gorgeous throughout the comic and even though the situation and environment is a dark one, the colours pop and the characters are well designed and very defined.

Djinn Hunter is an incredible series, once again proven by the latest issue. Jay Sandlin is a fantastic storyteller and Djinn Hunter is his absolute best work yet! That is exactly how much I enjoy this comic series! If you aren’t reading this series yet then what are you waiting for?! This is a must for anyone’s pull list! Be sure to watch out for the incredible twist right at the end too!

“The bridegroom's mother objects to our crashing her son’s nuptials.” - Zara

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