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Djinn Hunter - Issue 2 Review

Writer: Jay Sandlin

Art: Fabrizio Cosentino

Colours: Fabrizio Cosentino

Letters: Fabrizio Cosentino

Script Editor: Cynna Ael

Editor: Dimitrios Zaharakis

Publisher: BlackBox Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


Zara and Bennu cross blades with a feudal daimyo. Wielding the necro-sword, he’s carved lands under his protection into fields of blood. Will the Djinn Hunter trap the spider-demon responsible for turning the Samurai into a killing machine? Or become more flies caught in his web?

My Opinion

The mystical adventures continue in issue two of what is possibly the best current running series in comics. The story of Zara and Bennu on the hunt for the missing elder djinn, Abyss is a story fraught with danger, magic, trickery and malice. As you will have seen from my review of issue 1, I really enjoyed this new series and that enjoyment continues ten fold in issue 2 thanks to new adversaries, twisted wishes and magical fights.

In this issue, we catch up with Zara and Bennu as they are still locked in battle with a possessed feudal daimyo in possession of the necro-sword. The battle is fierce and all hope looks lost, but just then Zara manages to cut … HA. No way am I giving up some of the story. If you follow my reviews then you know I don’t like giving much away at all. I like for people to feel the thrill that I do when reading for the first time. Djinn Hunter is a perfect example of this. It is such a unique story with each issue loaded with new panels that I personally haven’t seen in comics before.

Anyway, back to issue 2 of Djinn Hunter. Writer Jay Sandlin is such a superb writer who has some extremely hot properties in the world of comics right now. With Djinn Hunter, he is right at the top of his game. Jay not only provides readers an epic magical story but he does it in such incredible depth and detail that it leaves readers feeling truly fulfilled.

The art of Djinn Hunter is astronomical! It has been throughout issues 1 & 2. Fabrizio Cosentino is fantastically talented and compliments the magical world being built with absolute care and devotion. Each panel pops with colour and detail and never did I find that the quality dipped, it was always on point.

This issue has a true spiritual feel about it, the entire damiyo aspect of the story gave a momentary shift from the magical encounters and allowed for a small variation in the storyline to mix up the flow a bit. This was very welcome as we never totally shifted away from the magic feel which is integral to the story. Djinn Hunter continues to be an epic comic of multi-dimensional proportions that promises to thrill readers with every issue published! Get your copy of Djinn Hunter issue 2 now! And watch out for my upcoming review of issue 3!

“You’ll never know how it feels to find your soulmate…then lose them.” - Zara

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