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Dark Dweller by Gareth Worthington Review

Writer: Gareth Worthington

Publisher: Dropship Publishing 

Genre: Sci-fi

Publish Date: 28th February 2023

Pages: 306

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Captain Kara Psomas was pronounced dead when her research vessel slammed into Jupiter.

More than a century later, the crew of the Paralus, a helium mining freighter, find a pristine escape pod with a healthy young girl nestled inside. A girl who claims to be Kara—and she brings a message of doom.

She says she has been waiting in the dark for that exact moment. To be found by that particular crew. Because an ancient cosmic being has tasked her with a sacred responsibility. She claims she must alter the Fulcrum, a lever in time—no matter the cost to the people aboard—or condemn the rest of civilization to a very painful and drawn-out demise.

She sounds convincing. She appears brave. She might well be insane.

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My Opinion

A spectacular sci-fi epic rooted in the majesty of Ancient Greek myth. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first was asked to review this book. Sci-fi is a favoured genre of mine but this felt different. It sounded more like a divine mission style story set in space, in actual fact this novel embodies everything you would expect from a classic story of human exploration and ultimately, basic human instinct. 

Gareth Worthington is an out of this world writer. This story enveloped me in a shroud of mystery and intrigue. It also implanted beautiful imagery in my mind, all the while developing the almost poetic story stored within the pages. No elements were sacrificed in the creation of the sci-fi masterpiece. 

Dark Dweller takes you on a thrilling ride from the depths of space, time itself, and planters bodies. One moment it’s a police interview/therapy session and the next it’s lunar exploration and then for good measure a bit of  terrorism. There is an overlaid aura of terror throughout the book that gradually intensifies.

Dark Dweller by Gareth Worthington is an absolute triumph. A modern sci-fi masterpiece from an immensely talented writer. Get this on your shelf! 

Thank you Dropship Publishing and Black Crow PR for the opportunity to read this! And thank you Gareth for being so interactive and chatting with me! You’re a great person! 

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