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Cult Following by J. Treacy Cole Review

Writer: J. Treacy Cole

Publisher: Indie

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/YA/Supernatural

Publish Date: 24th September 2022

Pages: 186

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating:


Robin Winter is nearly fourteen years old—old enough to demand answers about her father who has been missing since she was five. Mom is being evasive and it doesn’t add up. Following Robin’s discovery of the supernatural world and her knack for tapping into it, she’s ready to solve the mystery with the help of a more experienced intuitive, the old man Jonas.

This unlikely team uncovers a trail from their Minnesota lake home to Stonehenge, England. When her father disappeared, he had been pursuing a story on the Truth Seekers, a religious group rumoured to be a cult. Their leader, Blendan Jones, is a local celebrity with an ultra-conservative radio program. To find answers, they must infiltrate the cult—putting them squarely at odds with those who will go to any lengths to keep the truth buried.

My Opinion

A tense, atmospheric paranormal thriller with a truly ominous real world inspiration.

If, like me, you are intrigued by cults and religious extremism then this book is one that will captivate and shock you. These fanatical groups exist and some of their ‘methods’ are disgusting, similar to the likes of which you will read about in this book.

J. Treacy. Cole has clearly done the research and presented a horrifying novel about a religious sect/cult that will grip you from start to finish. I read 50% of the novel in one sitting, until I had to sleep as I had work. That’s how gripped I was. There is so much to this novel, from beautiful friendships and family ties to investigations and mystery through to torture and conditioning…it is a instensly fast paced novel packed with excellent storytelling. 

The characters are rich and deep. Certainly Robin, she is a wonderfully intriguing person with a complex character. Robin is supported by a friend circle with their own distinct personalities and a mother whose development is a highlight in itself. With this group and the psychic, recovering alcoholic Jonas, you have a recipe for magic!

I am so thankful I discovered this book on BookSirens, it is an utterly superb paranormal adventure that held me in a vice grip and refused to let go! In fact it still hasn’t as I’m still thinking about it! Please do give this a go! If you like the theme and genre, you will not regret it!

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