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Cackle by Rachel Harrison Review

Writer: Rachel Harrison

Publisher: Titan Books

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: 23rd September 2022

Pages: 320

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


All her life, Annie has played it nice and safe. After being unceremoniously dumped by her long-time boyfriend, Annie seeks a fresh start. She accepts a teaching job that moves her from Manhattan to a small village upstate. Her new home is picturesque and perfect. The people are all friendly and warm. Her new apartment is lovely too, minus the oddly persistent spider infestation.

Then Annie meets Sophie. Beautiful, charming, magnetic Sophie, who takes a special interest in Annie, who wants to be her friend. More importantly, she wants Annie to stop apologizing and start living for herself. That’s how Sophie lives. Annie can’t help but gravitate toward the self-possessed Sophie, wanting to spend more and more time with her, despite the fact that the rest of the town seems… a little afraid of her. And, okay. Sophie’s appearance is uncanny and ageless, her mansion in the middle of the woods feels a little unearthly, and she does seem to wield a certain power… but she couldn’t be… could she?

My Opinion

A magical voyage of self discovery, mystic abilities and friendship.

Cackle by Rachel Harrison is a whimsical novel that has a lot to say about self love and the power of the human mind. Rachel presents to the reader a really light, easy read that is both humorous and exciting in equal measure. A true fantasy story that, although about witchcraft, isn’t overly dark but has moments of pure terrifying suspense.

Annie is a wonderful character that I’m sure can relate heavily to a lot of people, I certainly can to some aspects of her life and the parts that aren’t quite as relatable to me cast a feeling of “that’s Sod’s law’! An English term that boils down to…that was a typical outcome!

Sophie is a foreboding and mysterious character who has such pleasantness on display. You can’t help but be wary of her and what can only be assumed as an underlying mighty power!

The story plays out at a beautiful pace with plenty of lightheartedness to match the shadowy presence of suspense that is a constant throughout the story. Whilst focusing on Annie and Sophie a superb cast of supporting characters ensure a deep character driven story.

Cackle is a must for all fantasy fans, especially those that are fans of witchcraft and mystics. Rachel Harrison has a brilliantly humorous way with words but can also hold down heartfelt, powerful scenes. Cackle is a fantastic addition to any bookshelf, I’m really excited for what Rachel has in store for us next.

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