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Bunny Mask - Issue 1 Review

Writer: Paul Tobin

Art: Andrea Mutti

Colours: Andrea Mutti

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Aftershock Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


A new horror series from the creator of the Eisner-nominated Colder!

Sealed in a cave before the dawn of man, released by a crazed madman, Bunny Mask walks our world once more. But for what dark purpose does she use her unnatural powers? And what’s her connection to Bee Foster, a young girl murdered by her father fourteen years ago? In order to save his life – and his sanity – one man will have to discover the truth of what waits behind the mask.

Writer Paul Tobin (Colder) and artist Andrea Mutti (MANIAC OF NEW YORK, Hellblazer) unleash an eons old legend upon an unsuspecting world – one that’ll make your most horrific nightmare feel like a walk in the park!

My Opinion

A thrilling mystery comic that will keep you on your toes and keep the suspense simmering at the surface.

I thought this opening issue of Bunny Mask was absolutely brilliant. The opening is truly unsettling and had me wincing in shared pain with the characters as I read each panel. This issue really had me imagining the entirety of the comic playing out like a mystery/thriller Netflix special. Paul Tobin has written a fantastic story that had me as confused as Doctor Severin was throughout the issue. Confused in a good way that kept me reading as I needed to find out what it all means.

The artwork was incredibly interesting and terrifying at points, not terrifying as in bad, but I was actually terrified at points. The actual ‘bunny mask’ monster...person...thing… is fantastically brilliant in it’s simplicity. You get to thinking about where it’s come from, what it is and what are it’s intentions through superbly artistic panels and suspenseful story writing.

Bunny Mask is a horror comic that will keep you coming back for more, it’s gritty feel and mysterious story line will have you gripped like any good mystery should, it will have you asking questions, leave you utterly confused, recoil in terror and have you wide eyed with each continuing panel. Paul Tobin, Andrea Mutti, Taylor Esposito and the team have a hit on their hands for sure, especially in the horror circles.

The whole issue felt as though it should have a dark, thrilling, horror movie backing track playing throughout the entirety of the comic. A dark, mysterious start to the series ensures my interest in the series for the foreseeable future.

“The snitch said you’d be coming. Said to give you a tree. So here you are, and you get the tree.” - Leo Foster

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