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Black Cotton - Issue 3 Review

Writer: Brian Hawkins

Art: Marco Perugini

Colours: Marco Perugini

Letters: Francisco Zamora

Publisher: Scout Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


The Cotton family wars against itself after Zion goes to see Elizabeth in the hospital. Also, a business crisis arises that may present an even bigger and more deadly problem than the "Officer Involved" shooting and the public backlash from it.

My Opinion

Black Cotton is a stand out comic in the industry at the moment and the praise it is getting is so greatly deserved for such a thought provoking, emotional rollercoaster of a story with real world application.

Issue 2 was such a gear shift in terms of the emotional development of the story and issue 3 is not changing that. Issue 3 takes a hold of all the emotion from its predecessor and amplifies it tenfold! In terms of significance to the story, issue 3 is the absolute lynch pin so far. The wedge in the Cotton family is increasing, prizing away at alliances once thought to be strong. New challenges are emerging at every turn and Zion is not helping the situation.

The story created by Patrick Foreman and Brian Hawkins is absolutely captivating and the development of that story in issue 3 is so incredible. We witness Zion attempt contact with the person he shot and in doing so generates a cataclysmic series of events that will shake the Cotton family and indeed society to its very core.

Brian Hawkins has once again delivered in this gripping series. His ability to convey the emotional turmoil within the family is astounding, not only in the family but in relation to every character and situation, the major attraction of this comic is the emotion captured in each panel, there isn’t a comic around, that I know of, that is delivering on an emotional standing like Brian Hawkins and the team are in Black Cotton.

If you’ve been following along with the series then you will already be engrossed with the story and this issue does not deviate from that. Brian and the team have delivered another emotional ride as the story reaches an absolutely crucial point. It is about to go down. Trust me.

“BECAUSE I WANTED TO APOLOGISE! Why is that so goddamn hard to understand?” - Zion

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