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Battlecats Vol. 2- Fallen Legacy Review

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Writer: Mark London

Art By: Michael Camelo

Colours: Tekino

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


Follow our heroes as they face a series of trials to prove their loyalty to King Eramad before the start of the violent season known as Rorinhal. All the while, Valadar and the Darkats are marching through Valderia determined to bring the Eramad dynasty to its knees. Witness a clash of ideals years in the making with the latest volume of Battlecats! Collects issues #1-6.

My Opinion

Volume 2 of Battlecats continues on from the events of the phenomenal volume 1 - The Hunt for the Dire Beast (Link to my review at the bottom). The Battlecats are detained for their ‘crimes’ and are forced to fight in the arena, risking death, fight after fight.

Mark and the team keep up the extraordinary work from volume 1 into volume 2, continuing with the engaging storytelling, expertly captured characterisations and the beautiful artwork. Fallen Legacy turns up the pace in dramatic fashion, there are so many separate stories unfolding yet I was never overwhelmed by this, more so I was encapsulated by the superbly controlled way in which these individual aspects were presented to us.

The first parts build a bit more back story into the current goings on and answers a few questions that I personally had from volume 1. As the story progresses the pace builds and builds until an ultimate confrontation that I personally have been waiting for since I began reading this fantastic story.

My absolute favourite part of the entire story was the arena battles that the Battlecats have to survive. There is a particular moment that results in something bad for one of the Battlecats… I won’t say exactly what happens because I like my reviews spoiler free, but it is a chaotically dramatic few panels. All the panels are full of incredible art and story but this was my favourite.

Mark has presented to us an incredible story, which as I have said before is like a hybrid of Lord of the Rings and Thundercats. Mark gives us an action packed riot of a volume that is stuffed with fights, revelations, mystery and peril that will have you chomping at the bit for more! Another 5 🏹 entry to the Battlecats series from Mad Cave Studios!

“...A sacred time of battle during which we unleash our feral instincts! A cleansing of the weak where only the strong flourish!” - King Eramad

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