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Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures! Review

Streaming Service: Netflix

Producers: Mattel Television

Age Rating: U

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is an animated series by Mainframe Studios. It premiered on Netflix US on May 3, 2018. The series follows Barbie's adventures with her family, friends and pets. The full version of the theme song was released on May 19, 2018. The show is preceded by the movie Barbie Dolphin Magic and followed by the movies Barbie Princess Adventure, Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday and Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams.


  • What made you want to watch this movie?

Well… I love playing with Barbies where she can be anything.

I found this on Netflix and wanted to watch it, because it looks exciting.

  • What is your favourite part of the show?

I get to see them solve problems as a team and they have fun doing different competitions.

I love my family so much and so does Barbie, she had lots of fun with them like me.

  • If you could be one of the characters, who would you be?

BARBIE! Of course! – But I do love Skipper, because she has some purple in her hair, she is funny and cool.

They all help other people, and I like helping people too.

  • Do you think others would enjoy this show?

*shouts from the background from our 4 year old: “EVERYONE!!!”

I know my best friend's sister does, but I think girls and boys will also like it because Ken and Trey are in it.

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