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Arsenal - The Game We Love Review

Writer: Philippe Grogowski

Publisher: Titan Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


A celebration of soccer club Arsenal’s recent history through the touching story of a step-father and step-son whose fandom brings them together.

Andrew takes his new partner's son Nathan to an Arsenal match. It's the first time that Nathan has ever been in a football stadium – he should be delighted to be there, but he is wary of the new step-father he doesn’t really know… Will Andrew’s passion for his favourite soccer club, Arsenal, allow him to break the ice and get closer to Nathan?

Explore and celebrate the last twenty years of one of the most popular clubs in the world, featuring fan-favourite players such as Thierry Henry, David Seaman, Ian Wright, Danny Welbeck and many more! Also discover the legacy of celebrated manager, Arsène Wenger and his unprecedented methods and success. Seen through the eyes of two fans whose love of the game, and club, bring them together.

My Opinion

I am a huge Arsenal FC fan, so i was incredibly delighted when I was asked to review this graphic novel. The game we love is true to say for all football fans. Football is a passion not a game and being a fan of a team is a lifestyle!

Philippe delivers, for me personally, a trip down memory lane describing a similar personal journey towards my support of Arsenal. I too was in awe of players like Adams, Wright, Ljungberg, Henry and Bergkamp. They inspired a love for the beautiful game and a passion for Arsenal football club. Philippe does a phenomenal job of invoking all the emotions of being an Arsenal fan from the invincible season which has never been equalled to the absolute heartbreak of the loss against Barcelona in the Champions League Final. I don’t know whether Philippe is an Arsenal supporter but he certainly knows how to display the heart of a fan.

The story is an absolutely beautiful tale of a man trying to engage with a child that isn’t his, trying to show that he isn’t there to replace his father but to be a friend. We follow both characters into their innermost thoughts and feelings through to their outward displays of emotion. The story is so heart-warming and I was delighted with the ending.

A beautiful journey in the lives of Arsenal fans old and new that is sure to spark some memories both good and not so good. A must read and own for any fans of Arsenal FC.

“Isn’t it great to be a gooner?” - Andrew

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