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Airplane Chefs Review

Platform: IOS

Game Publisher: Nordcurrent UAB

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️

Game Plot:

Take Cooking Fever to new heights with Airplane Chefs! Cook delicious meals and desserts and serve them on the commercial flights in this FREE highly addictive time-management cooking game!


  • What made you want to play this game?

I like looking through the Apple App Store to get more games, and I saw this was to do with Airplanes and I love going on holiday.

  • What is your favourite part?

I love making the food on the airplane and giving people pillows and desert, as that makes everyone happy.

  • Is there anything you would change or make better in the game?

I just can’t keep up with making all the food in time, as you need to have the coins to upgrade items to help you go faster. I don’t get enough coins and it makes me want to play another game which is more fun.

  • Do you think others would enjoy this game?

I think other people would like to play this game if they have more time to play to get the coins

Ratings (Out of 5):

Story: 3

Graphics: 2

Sound: 3

Gameplay: 3

Controls: 4

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